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Selasa, November 16, 2010

ini PUISI tentang DIA (CINTA)

What is love ?

Love is the meaning of life
Love is what we live for
Love is inspires us
Love is drives us
Love is what made us who we are
It’s the Love of family
It’s the Love of friends
It’s the Love of humanity

It’s the Love of special someone
That Love triumphs above everything

I’ts when you are together with the one you Love
And everything else fade away, even you and all that’s left of you is your Love
And the one you Love

It’s when you know you can do no wrong
Because when u’ve made a mistake,
You know that he’ll be there to support you, hug you..
And make u feel better when you’re down.

It’s when you’re angry at him
But you still want to talk to him
Be with him, and forgive him.. J

It’s when you wanna be with him when he made a mistake
When you want to be there for him, support him, and hug him..

It’s when every single moment you spend with him
Is a memory that will last a lifetime

It’s when you are think about, every day, every night, every hour, every minute, every second.. is how much you Love him

It’s when you go to bed at night,
Anticipating that you’ll be able to see him the next morning,
And just the sight of him makes your day..

It’s when you wake up in the morning,
And even tough you don’t remember your dream,
You know, you dreamt of him

It’s when you have to go away for a while,
And your heart feels like it’s fighting to get out of your chest, to go back
Back to the one you Love

It’s when you feel like running outside,
And screaming at the top of your voice, that you love HIM

It’s when you’re happy that the one you Love is happy

It’s when you’ve fallen, into the deepest depths of despair,
And Love is the lifeline which pulls you back

It’s when you care more about him, that yourself

It’s when your heart skips a beat when you know that he’s in danger

It’s when you would sacrifice anything, to be with him,

It’s the strength of Love which can turn any nihilist,
Existentialist, or absurdist, to see why life is worth living

It’s what can turn a psychopath, into a normal human being
What  is the love ?
Love is what we live for.
And I live for you

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