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Minggu, Desember 05, 2010

Ovarium cycle, Menstruation cycle (it's all about Girl)

(it's all about Girl)
I Try to share my Knowledge about Menstruation cycle in English, besides that I want to make easy a student to find menstruation Cycle in English, because now English is International Langg.. 
I want to say sorry if i made a mistake in this article, just wanna say thanks to librarian in my campus, because of her i can find this book easily ..muuaahahahha :D
The ovarian cycle
The ovarian cortex contains 200.000 primordial follicles at birth. Some of these become cystic, and are then known as Graafian Follicles from puberty onwards, certain follicles enlarge and one matures each month to liberate an ovum.
Graafian follicle.
The ovum is situated at one end of the Graafian Follicle and is encirded by the narrow perivitelline space. Surrounding this lies a clump of cells called The Discus Proligerus, the cell of which radiate outwards to form The Corona Radiata. The innermost cells of the corona are very clear and are reffered to as the Zona Pellucida. The whole follicle is lined with granulose cells and contains follicular fluid. The outer coat of the follicle is the external limiting membrane and around this lies on area of compressed ovarian stroma known as the theca.
Under the influence of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) the graafian follicle matures and moves to the surface of the ovary. At the same time it swells and becomes tense, finally rupturing to release the ovum into the fimbriated end of the fallopian tube which is cupped underneath the ovary in readiness. This is Ovulation.
Almost women in this world feel pain at this time (ovulation) and my friend in dormitory is too. They got stomachache and migraine. May be this related to a small lost of blood into the peritoneal cavity and is termed mittelschmerz.  The empty follicle is known as the Corpus Luteum (yellow body).
Corpus Luteum after ovulation the follicle collapse, the granulose cells enlarge and proliferated over the next 14 days and the whole Structure becomes irregular in outline and yellow in corpus albicans (white body). The ovary contains a number of these white bodies in varying stages of degeneration.
Now.. let’s continue to Uterine and Menstrual cycle…                                                                                                            Check this out guys..J
Uterine and Menstrual cycle… yup, although each women has an individual cycle which varies in length, the average cycle is taken to be 28 days long and recurs regularly from puberty to the menopause except when you got pregnant.
The first day of the cycle is the day on which menstruation begins. There are three mains phases and they affect the tissue structure of the endometrial, controlled by the ovarian hormones like progesterone and estrogen.
·        The Menstrual phase
Characterized by vaginal bleeding lasts for 3-5 days. Physiological this is the terminal phase of the menstrual cycle when the endometrial is shed down to the basal layer along with blood from the capillaries and with the unfertilized ovum.
·        The Proliferate phase
This phase follows menstruation and lasts until ovulation. Sometimes the first few days while the endometrial is reforming are described as the regenerative phases. This phase is under the control of estrogen and consist of the re-growth and thickening of the endometrial. At the completion of this phase the endometrial consist of three layers.
1.      A basal Layer, lies immediately above the myometrium, about 1 mm in thickness. This layer never alters during the menstrual cycle. It contains all the necessary rudimentary structures for building up new endometrium.
2.      A Functional Layer, which contains tubular gland and is 2,5mm thick. This layer changes constantly according to the hormonal influence of the ovary.
3.      A layer of Cuboidal ciliated epithelium covers the functional layer. It dips down to line the tubular glands.
·        The secretory phase
This phase follows ovulation and is under the influence of Progesterone and estrogen from the corpus Luteum. The functional layer thicken to 3,5mm and becomes spongy in appearance because the glands are more tortuous.
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