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Jumat, Mei 20, 2011

My 1st day Story in IGD

IGD, that room was very scaring me before :o
but now.. it's more comfortable that another room..
i met many people in sick, or got car accident with a big hole in his head...
(woww.... very scaryy...) and his blood flow so easily,,
and it makes him shoouuuutt very loud "Ya Allah sembuhkan aku"
(amiiinnn... mbah^^)

in my 1st day, i see an angel^^ cute, skinny, fat, and u have a nice voice,,
eventough your attitude not so good i know that you have smooth heart
hmm... i wish...
(i don't wanna miss anything..--> wow... it's seconhand song) .. like it
i would share the air i breath,
i give u my heart and i say,
 i just don't wanna miss anything...
saaayyy.. my name, i just want too hear you..
saaayyy.. my name, show i know it's truuee..
Whooops ! back to the story again..
i'm sorry... haha..

I mean i don''t wanna wish anything.. cause i know everything that gonna happen to me it's ur power :)
give me the best for my future, U know that I'm stiil Fighting in this hard life^^
Bless me ..

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