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Selasa, Juli 26, 2011

The Roommate

Salut ^^.. friends living in dormitory is not as easy as in home, Togetherness is our moto. If we choose to be individualism.. I guess u can’t keep ur head up..
Okay now I wanna show you all of my friend, that help me get through the life in this d**n dormitory.. lol~

Pict 1 (left to right)
Gendis      = The Cleanest one
Eka  = Ambisious to be slim
Iklil  = Big butt :D
Sukma      = Sad eye ever
Melia        = The Laziest (terlalu santai e.. 4L4y)
Ranum     = The Cutest one (^,^)
Rere  = Oleng-oleng..
Indah       = Pelor (Nempel Molor)
We are Big Family of 16’s room.. wish our friendship will never end (Amin...)
If there’s an Ex-boy friend, I hope there’s no Ex-Best friend..

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