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Rabu, Oktober 05, 2011

Litlle piece of My Life

Tuesday, The 4th of October 2011

And .. October,

I still remember the sweetest moment of us last 3 years..
I’ve ever dreamed you come back, foolishly it’s just a dream.. just a dream that never being real,
A’.. if you can loving me, only in my dream.. so.. I’ll dream of you all day, and waiting for you to wake me up, and realizing me, that it’s not just in my dream.. but It’s REAL..

I’ve been crying since the day,
The day you went away from me,
Even if rain comes, they can’t wash away my tears..
The plot of the rain flow across my hair,
Only bring me realize that you’re not by my side..
You are so far away from me..

I’ve been hiding my heart since the day,
The day you run away..
I pretend not to love somebody else,
Cause no one have a power for makes me comfortable..
I only found that happiness by your side..
Don’t you know !! it’s all because of you !!!
Only you that hold the key..
A key to unlock this frozen heart.

I’ve been waiting since the day,
The day you walk away..
Cause I've been missing you MY DESTINY so much I have to say you
it’s so sad but true.. and for me there’s only you..

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