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Kamis, Maret 22, 2012

Bebelac (Susu Anak)

Why am I take that kind of awkward tittle ?
yup.. because Live is an Adventure, (I often saw that sentence in every adds in my tv's show) That's sentence very Inspiring me..
Study hard as long as you can, when you have an enough knowledge in ur mind, you'll realize how Big world is, you can catch all of ur big dream,,

Dare to have a BIG DREAM and Dreams are necessary to life, because ALLAH SWT. create us to Think,Dream,and Action still on GOD's way.. I think only fool people who haven't a Dream in his/her life .. poor you are ckck .. I was always a dreamer especially in childhood , all people thought I was a little strange, but I don't ! and half the time they come true..
In this 19th I've been wrote almost 100 dreams since I've been entered in dormitory until I graduate from this Unforgetable Institute (huuuaaa.. jadi pengen cepet2, sabar setaun lagi kok)

thanks for reading

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