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Senin, Maret 26, 2012

Surprised !

Guess what.. my Institute wanna open a scholarships for their student !!! waaaa... suprised me so deep (gila,gila.gila) at the same time shouting : Alhamdulillah, guyss.. I'm so freaking happy with that news. :D, I think this is a great way to be able to realize my dream (get the scholarship), as you know in Associate degree, it's so hard to be a grantee ..cry I don't know why, and there're so muuuch articles about scholarship for Bachelor degree like s1,s2,s3 and anything like that, I envy with those news.. Why the government distinguish us ?? huh question
this is my desire for brand new ending in march..
  1. I hope Allah can fulfill my wish to be a grantee ( I 've waiting for too long, I've been prepared my file long..long time ago, I've been scraped all of My certificate although there're missing files hufft... nohappy)
  2. I wanna make them (my parents) proud of me, and to prove them that I never disport in studying.. ( I really mean it !! )smile
  3. I hope My lord can give the ease for me :)
nb : ne pas oublier de se rappeler cette phrase
Dieu a toujours l'aide dont ils les gens, s'ils veulent être gratefull à Allah, et jamais faussaire...............

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