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Rabu, Maret 21, 2012

Maksud dari Selembar Jilbab ( The Meaning of Hijab)

Hijab is not just an Identity for muslimah but there's a meaning from Hijab and why Hijab is necessary for muslimah ? (tanya kenapa)question

In Qur'an instructs both Muslim men and women to dress in a modest way.

The clearest verse on the requirement of the hijab is surah QS. Al-Ahzab 59, QS. An-Nuur 3,

In the following verse, Muslim women are asked to draw their jilbab over them (when they go out), as a measure to distinguish themselves from others, so that they are not harassed. Surah 33:59 reads:[10]

Those who harass believing men and believing women undeservedly, bear (on themselves) a calumny and a grievous sin. O Prophet! Enjoin your wives, your daughters, and the wives of true believers that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): That is most convenient, that they may be distinguished and not be harassed. [...] (Quran 33:58–59)
Guys there's so many advantages when we wearing Hijab..
  • Confidence in social participation as human being and not as sexual commodity.
  • Muslim Identity
  • Guarding one self from the lustful looks of men.
  • Not diverting people's attention from constructive social work.
  • Improving the moral character of the society.
  • Our hair still black, My skin get white :D
  • Kalo di Indonesia nggak digodain yang aneh2 hahaa ex : cowok ngegoda cewek nggak pake jilbab ==> Hi seksi, Hi cewek, godain kite doongchoc
    nah kalo godain cewek pake jilbab ONLY Assalamu'alaikum.. ==>enak didengernya kiss
soo.. wearing hijab is not "ketinggalan zaman" , I've searched lot of Hijab tutorial from don't forget covered ur look with hijab.. it's fun :)
see my another posting ok ! 7ZA6ZUBR5X4V

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