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Senin, Oktober 15, 2012

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Bonjourrr!! Comment ca va cherieee ?
It’s seems like.. I love France like crazy haha..
Yup.. that’s true

Umm..  this is my first post since 4 month ago.. I’m sorry, little busy everyday..
I wanna share my story guys… after waiting for 3 month and collected all my certificate.. Allah had been accepted my wish that.. I got a scholarship from my campus!!!. yayy..
Big thanks to you Ya ALLAH … :)  I can feel that, I can feel that my parents very proud of me and I can’t stop running until the end of this road.. Always by my side and support me God.
. in 09.10.2012
The sky goes dark and the tears falls from the eyes..
One ..                    WHYYY !!!

Two..                     Innalillahi wainnailaihi roji’un…

Three..                 RIP Bobby .. :')

He is my friend, even we didn’t know each other you are still my friend.. the smiles of you, Big Laugh from you.. I knew it because we’re in the same field before ..
God knows that we love you.. but God more love you guys J

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